Thursday, May 31, 2012


I quit blogging for multiple reasons...but mainly because I'm lazy...

I really feel like this was healthy outlet and I have no idea why I let myself quit!  The only reason I can come up with is I am a quitter!!!

I tend to quit more things than I finish and I really hate that about myself.  I would love to be one of the people who follows through with whatever they start no matter what it is or how much they hate it.

I have no idea when or why I started quitting things I just know this has become a pattern or habit and I cannot seem to break it.  There are certain things that I don't actually quit but will continually want to quit and complain about while still doing them. (does that even make sense???)

Well in the last 9 month or however long it has been there have been BIG changes going on.

I WILL start blogging again and telling anyone who cares (probably just me) all about them.  But I think this is enough for my first step towards blogging again.

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