Friday, August 19, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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This week my big FAWK YOU's go to....

The construction men who are building a house behind mine. They think it's okay to work from 6 am until 9 or 9:30 pm.

Back to school shopping - why the hell is everything so expensive????

College Textbook - $200 for a book...really???  But I will pay it because I have no other choice.

Ants - yes those pesky little things that travel in hundreds.  They have infested my kitchen and no matter what I do they survive.

So people there is my Fawk You's for this week, let me know what has been pissing  you off.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10 Lessons

Alright I am going to attempt to conquer one of Mama Kat's writing prompts this week!!!

Here it is...

10 Lessons your child could teach you.

Since I have 2 daughters I may alternate back and forth because as you may know they think I am quite possibly the stupidest human in the world at times.

1.  Patience - my younger daughter has more patience than my older one, however they both have way more patience than I could ever hope to have.

2.  Persistence - they are both like animals when they get an idea into their head they will not let go!!!

3. Money Saving Tips - neither one will spend a penny of their money (but they will spend mine very freely)

4. How to stop and enjoy the moment - Kids grow fast, too fast.  I need to be reminded to stop and enjoy them.

5. How to stop worry all the time about everything - My kids have no worries (exactly how it should be for kids) but watching them enjoy something big or small reminds me that my life is pretty darn good.

6. Selflessness - my girls have taught me that it is no longer about me and my wants (or needs).  I would do anything to make sure my kids are taken care of, and have every they want.  When I was younger I never wanted kids, mainly because I was too selfish, but now I can't imagine a life without my girls.  They are my world and I love that I have them.  I wouldn't go back to my selfish ways for anything.

7. Cleaning - it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a completely clean house when you have children.  Don't even waster your time trying.  Pick up as you go and get someone to take them occasionally so that you can really clean.  Otherwise you are wasting you time and energy, because as soon as you clean one area there will be children waiting to mess it right back up.

8. No matter how hard you try at some point you will become "one of those parents".  Your children will act up when you don't want them to.  Your children will embarrass you at some point.  Your child will say something that will mortify you.  Your child will do all of these things, and you just have to deal with it. I never thought I would become "that mom" however, it has happened on many occasions.

9. Noise Levels - It never fails that when you sit down to watch something on television that you want, is the exact moment your child will decide to pick up the loudest toy they own and play with it right next to you.  They will also decide to scream, sing, or anything else that will make it impossible for you to watch, focus, or enjoy anything that doesn't give them your full and complete attention.

10. L-O-V-E my kids have taught me the meaning of true unconditional love.  Not only how much I love them but how much they love me.  A child's love for their parents is the most amazing feeling, they don't care what you have or what you can give them, they just want to be loved.  I don't think I could love my girls anymore than I already do, but then something happens and my heart gets bigger and I realize that my love for them will always fill my heart no matter how big it gets.

My girls have taught me many more lessons but these were the 10 that came to mind.  I would love to hear what you have learned from your kids.

And here they are the loves of my life my amazing girls.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"And How Was Your Week"

I would like to start out with some complaints (surprise, surprise)!!!

I am annoyed with construction men who think it is acceptable to work until past 9 pm??? First of all it is dark people, yes it is just getting dark, but dark is dark.  And secondly, my daughter is in bed, most of the time asleep, and if you wake her I will want to kill you with a dull knife.  After she goes to bed is the ONLY time I get kid-free, and I look forward to that so don't think you will take away my peace and quite.

I am annoyed with health food.  I want to eat health, I really do.  But the temptation of junk food is so overwhelming I really have no willpower and I will always want to eat the crap before the "good" stuff.

Again with the motivation/willpower I have absolutely none, zip, zero, zilch.  I want to get back into a healthy weight range.  I want to fit into my clothes.  I want to live a more health life.  Yes, I really do want all of these things, however, I have no idea how to find and keep my motivation.  Any ideas???

These are just some of the things that annoyed me this week.  And just so you know there are many things in my life that I am thankful for it's just not as much fun to write about those...

So how was your week????

Summer Fun Show Off

I am linking up with Shell at for her Summer Fun Show Off...

Link up to your Summer Fun for a chance to win prizes from Ubisoft -

You may not know this about me but I am horrible when it comes to taking pictures.  I don't mean I take bad pictures I mean I never have a camera and even if I do have a camera I never ever remember to use it.  As a matter of fact I don't even own a camera right now....I know bad parent.  However, my mom more than makes up for my lack of good parenting/skills.  She always has her camera with her and ready.  So luckily my kids lives are documented...just not by me. 

So here are some of my favs (not all are from this summer, alright none are from this summer)

(Some are pretty old but I haven't copied my Mom's memory card recently so don't judge me I feel bad enough already!!!)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"What's Going On In Your Pants"

In my house there has been a rule made up recently, like while on vacation this June in New York.  Here is the "rule"... we cannot discuss what is happening in our pants.  Sounds a little strange, yeah it does to me too.  Let me explain...

While in NY I had mentioned that we need to hit up a drugstore so that I could buy some girly products (period time -of course I was on vacation, when else would I start???).  My "better half" decided that was more information than he needed to know/hear and I was told that it was an overshare.  I promptly informed him that 3 of the 4 occupants of the car either has had or would be having periods and he lived in a house with ALL females so suck it up and drive.  He decided he would pull rank and institute a new rule for the family.  New rule being we are no longer allowed to speak of anything happening in our pants. 

This new rule is funny for a couple of different reason but mainly because the "better half" is ALWAYS letting us know when he has had, needs to have, or simply cannot have a movement (as in bowel movement).  So we are always aware of what is happening in his pants.

Okay so that is the backstory now let me tell you how this all ties into last week.

I was having some issues that kind of had something to do with what was going on in my pants.  I really did think maybe I had a bad case of gas or something similar to that...but this is what happened.

On Monday, we had a busy day getting our 4 year old ready to start school on Wednesday.  We took her shoe, clothing, and supply shopping.  Yes, we did all of this in one afternoon. Have I mentioned that I am a procrastinator???  While shopping I started to get stomach cramps, nothing terrible but I was feeling like something just wasn't right.  Like always I ignored my symptoms and continued on with life.

On Tuesday, the 16 year old went in the morning to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed.  She was terrified, and I was anxious.  I didn't like the idea of her being put under.  Anyhow, everything went great with her.  But in the meantime I was still have the cramps but they were beginning to become intense.  Again, I ignored them and tended to my daughter.

Tuesday night at 8 p.m. I could no longer ignore the pain and decided to go to the Urgent Care.  Once there I waited for approximately forever to be seen, and once the doctor took one look at me and my symptoms promptly informed me that I MUST go to the ER immediately.  He was sure I had appendicitis. 

So off to the ER I went, where I wait for another eternity to be seen by a doctor.  Once seen by this doctor she too was sure I would need surgery to remove my appendix.  Well let me tell you, that I let both of these doctor know I did not have time for surgery one kid was at home in pain from teeth removal, the other kid had her first day of school the following morning, and to top it off my mom was moving the next day.  I could in no way, shape or form be in the hospital or laid up at home.  Needless to say neither doctor cared or felt sorry for me.

So here is what happened... it turned out to not be my appendix, I actually have a cyst on my ovary.  Extremely painful and very similar to your appendix bursting (so I'm told).  I didn't need surgery, however, I was unable to take my daughter for her first day of school, and could only lay on the couch for the next 24 hours (but the pain meds were really good).

So my week wasn't great.  But on a happier note my daughter is doing great.  She ended up having one of the incisions become infected so they cut that open and gave her antibiotics, and she is back to her ole' self now.  I am almost pain free and back in the swing of things.  And my younger daughter only gives me a guilt trip once in a while about not being able to take her.  However, I have had to promise that I will TRY to take her and pick her up for the rest of the year (notice the promise involved the word TRY).

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