Thursday, August 11, 2011

"And How Was Your Week"

I would like to start out with some complaints (surprise, surprise)!!!

I am annoyed with construction men who think it is acceptable to work until past 9 pm??? First of all it is dark people, yes it is just getting dark, but dark is dark.  And secondly, my daughter is in bed, most of the time asleep, and if you wake her I will want to kill you with a dull knife.  After she goes to bed is the ONLY time I get kid-free, and I look forward to that so don't think you will take away my peace and quite.

I am annoyed with health food.  I want to eat health, I really do.  But the temptation of junk food is so overwhelming I really have no willpower and I will always want to eat the crap before the "good" stuff.

Again with the motivation/willpower I have absolutely none, zip, zero, zilch.  I want to get back into a healthy weight range.  I want to fit into my clothes.  I want to live a more health life.  Yes, I really do want all of these things, however, I have no idea how to find and keep my motivation.  Any ideas???

These are just some of the things that annoyed me this week.  And just so you know there are many things in my life that I am thankful for it's just not as much fun to write about those...

So how was your week????


amygrew said...

We can walk!

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