Sunday, August 7, 2011

"What's Going On In Your Pants"

In my house there has been a rule made up recently, like while on vacation this June in New York.  Here is the "rule"... we cannot discuss what is happening in our pants.  Sounds a little strange, yeah it does to me too.  Let me explain...

While in NY I had mentioned that we need to hit up a drugstore so that I could buy some girly products (period time -of course I was on vacation, when else would I start???).  My "better half" decided that was more information than he needed to know/hear and I was told that it was an overshare.  I promptly informed him that 3 of the 4 occupants of the car either has had or would be having periods and he lived in a house with ALL females so suck it up and drive.  He decided he would pull rank and institute a new rule for the family.  New rule being we are no longer allowed to speak of anything happening in our pants. 

This new rule is funny for a couple of different reason but mainly because the "better half" is ALWAYS letting us know when he has had, needs to have, or simply cannot have a movement (as in bowel movement).  So we are always aware of what is happening in his pants.

Okay so that is the backstory now let me tell you how this all ties into last week.

I was having some issues that kind of had something to do with what was going on in my pants.  I really did think maybe I had a bad case of gas or something similar to that...but this is what happened.

On Monday, we had a busy day getting our 4 year old ready to start school on Wednesday.  We took her shoe, clothing, and supply shopping.  Yes, we did all of this in one afternoon. Have I mentioned that I am a procrastinator???  While shopping I started to get stomach cramps, nothing terrible but I was feeling like something just wasn't right.  Like always I ignored my symptoms and continued on with life.

On Tuesday, the 16 year old went in the morning to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed.  She was terrified, and I was anxious.  I didn't like the idea of her being put under.  Anyhow, everything went great with her.  But in the meantime I was still have the cramps but they were beginning to become intense.  Again, I ignored them and tended to my daughter.

Tuesday night at 8 p.m. I could no longer ignore the pain and decided to go to the Urgent Care.  Once there I waited for approximately forever to be seen, and once the doctor took one look at me and my symptoms promptly informed me that I MUST go to the ER immediately.  He was sure I had appendicitis. 

So off to the ER I went, where I wait for another eternity to be seen by a doctor.  Once seen by this doctor she too was sure I would need surgery to remove my appendix.  Well let me tell you, that I let both of these doctor know I did not have time for surgery one kid was at home in pain from teeth removal, the other kid had her first day of school the following morning, and to top it off my mom was moving the next day.  I could in no way, shape or form be in the hospital or laid up at home.  Needless to say neither doctor cared or felt sorry for me.

So here is what happened... it turned out to not be my appendix, I actually have a cyst on my ovary.  Extremely painful and very similar to your appendix bursting (so I'm told).  I didn't need surgery, however, I was unable to take my daughter for her first day of school, and could only lay on the couch for the next 24 hours (but the pain meds were really good).

So my week wasn't great.  But on a happier note my daughter is doing great.  She ended up having one of the incisions become infected so they cut that open and gave her antibiotics, and she is back to her ole' self now.  I am almost pain free and back in the swing of things.  And my younger daughter only gives me a guilt trip once in a while about not being able to take her.  However, I have had to promise that I will TRY to take her and pick her up for the rest of the year (notice the promise involved the word TRY).


Bouncin' Barb said...

Wow, what a week from hell that was?! I'm glad you're ok and that it wasn't your appendix. Did you read my recent blog about my horrendous ordeal with mine? Thank god for good drugs eh?!! Glad your daughter is doing fine also. It does suck when your kids are down. You just want to make them feel better no matter what. I love your blog. Did I tell you that? In case I forgot....I love your blog!

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