Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where I Have Been

Everyone let me tell you where I have been....


I have had a HUGE case of the lazies...

I have felt overwhelmed with every aspect of my life...

and I have just been in a nasty funk.

This is nothing new, this normally happens to me from time to time, but once in a while it takes a little work to get me back into the swing of things.

I am hoping that with school starting again for me and the girls, a new routine will be established and that might help me gain some sort of stability. 

Life is good and should be enjoyed so that is now my mission...(well while doing all the shit work too laundry, cleaning, cooking...)

So I am back and will try my best not to disappear again!!!!


amygrew said...

You can do it!

Bouncin' Barb said...

I've been exactly in the same funk. Glad to know I'm in great company!! We'll get back in the groove soon. At least we know we're doing ok right? Hugs.

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