Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Not Alone...

Have you ever just "woke up" and come to the realization that you are not alone in the way you feel, the way you think, they way you act...well everything really????

I had an eye opener today.  I really have no idea why all of a sudden these thoughts dawned on me...but nonetheless they did.  There are some things that I try to do religiously and stalking checking in with at least some of my fav bloggers is one thing that always, I mean always cheers me up or at least relaxes me a bit. 


Today I was going through reading what some of my fav ladies (who by the way have no idea who the hell I am, nor do they care ;)) are up to and it hits me like a ton of bricks.  Most of these women (most of them have lives that I dream of) have problems too.  They have bad days, they have issues with their kids, husband, families.  For some unknown reason I have put all of these "cyberfriends" (and I use the term friends loosely) up on a 10 foot pedestal and told myself that they have these perfect lives that are completely unattainable for someone like me. 

And now I realize that this train of though I have been allowing and probably even encouraging is so unhealthy and ridiculous.  Why is it that if anyone else has a problem or does something "wrong" I find it enduring and forgivable.  Yet if it is me or my life I am hard on myself and downright miserable until I can find some other flaw to focus on. 

Everybody has the good, bad and ugly that comes with life.  Everyone ultimately wants the same things health and happiness for themselves and their family.  And at the end of the day that is really the only thing that matters.  Right????

(well health, happiness, and a great purse collection)


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