Friday, May 20, 2011


I think that everyone has been  affected by the economy at some point.  Luckily, my family has not been affected nearly as bad as most.  However, with that being said I am trying to cut back and save some money.  And just to give you all a head's up this is NOT  my strongest area.

With all that being said I have decided to start using coupons.  This sounds simple enough right???  One would think that you buy a Sunday newspaper, clip the coupons and then go shop, right?  Well no way would anything that I try to do be that easy. 

I have to admit that I have watched the shows (you know which ones I am speaking of).  And I do NOT aspire to turn my garage or basement or any other area of my home into my own person super market, but would like to have a "supply" of the things we use or eat on a regular basis. 

So as I mentioned I have watched the shows, read several different websites, and done a ton of research.  And now I am just completely overwhelmed and in over my head.  And did I mention that my "better half" laughs when I tell him this crazy idea of mine.  Support at its finest!!! 

According to everything that I have seen in order to get any of the "really good deal" you must purchase approximately 1 newspaper per person in your household per week.  Wow, that is quite a bit of money spent (wasted) right there.  Then you must have a system for keeping track of all the great coupons that you will collect.  This is just one big organizing nightmare for me!!! Finally you apparently have to go to all of the store right when the sales start so that you can be the first one in line to get the deals.

I decided to try out a couple (3) of the coupons last week (at the Drugstore, I am no where near ready to tackle groceries) and low and behold every single item that I had a coupon for was sold out, and the sales associate had no idea when they would be getting another shipment of these items.  Wow, what a waste of time!

So I guess the moral of this long winded story is I will only be buying my usual 1 copy of the newspaper per week, and I will hopefully find the items that we need/use and will buy only the quantity we use...

I have no desire to be the selfish/greedy people who buy obscene amounts of anything just because they can...


amygrew said...

Oh no! That sucks, but its kinda funny too.... heeheehee!

dkdart1619 said...

I too jumped on the coupon band wagon....I totally agree with you! I use them at the grocery store and I have even went as far as signing up on-line and getting coupons there. although they don't have everything, I have come across a few goodies, like $3 off of diapers...but my problem is I go through all this work and when I actually need it and go to use the coupon, they are expired! my luck!

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