Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mother Nature is a B**ch

It's the end of May for crying out loud!!!  And the weather still SUCKS!!!  What the hell did we do to piss off Mother Nature this year?

My kids need to be outside!!!!  Mommy needs a break.

In my opinion it was a okay winter(not too terribly rough), but I am ready for spring/summer already.  Spring has not fully sprung yet, and I am anxiously waiting every day.  Sure there have been teasers here and there but we have not had a full week of good weather yet.

I am the mom who wants, no needs, her kids to be outside running all day, because they have way too much energy to be inside.  I am the mom who loves to watch her kids play sports (yes I am a soccer mom), I love to watch them play with friends, but most of all I just love to let them out.  And I CANNOT do that if it is raining and cold everyday. 

I do suffer from seasonal depression (I have diagnosed myself).  I need sunshine, I need warm weather, I need birds singing, and fresh air.  I need all of these things to get through the day.  I have never really thought these were unreasonable demands, however, I am now thinking maybe I'm asking for to much.  I know that I live in Michigan, but enough with this crap weather already. 

I want Summer and I want it NOW (yes now I sound like my 4 year old and I don't care)!!!!


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