Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Funny Things

My beautiful and creative 4 year old has said some knee slapping, laugh out loud things lately and I thought I would share a few.

1.  She handed me her "baby" to hold (she has a name for every baby she owns and knows them all by heart, so don't screw up the names)  anyways I asked her what this new baby was named and she said "Beata".  I asked "Why did you name her that".  Ryan (my daughter) responded "because she is bad everyday and I want to beat her".  (on a side note I swear I have never told my child she is bad or I want to beat her...although I have thought it)

2.   Ryan put her finger into a small toy and naturally it got stuck.  Upon freeing her finger and asking her why should would put her finger into such a small hole she responded "because I wanted to see if it fit"  (Awww they minds of four year olds.)

3.   Ryan has told me on several occasion's that if I do something for her she will pay me "a million bucks".  (Apparently I need to keep my dreams to myself from now on.)

4.  I slipped and said Damn (I know bad mom) and Ryan looked at me and said "Mom - we do not say DAMN (loud voice with the word damn)"  How am I supposed to respond to that one?

I know there are many more that I wanted to share but right now the 4 year old I am writing about is demanding I read her a book, so I will. 

Let me know the funny things your kids say and how you respond.


amygrew said...

I have had a few of these lately too.

The other day Brian turned the sprinkler on and Grace said, "Let's go F$@! crazy."


She said she heard it on a P!nk song. Whoopsie.

Not a Perfect Mom said...

Hope came out with a dammit today at the store when she couldn't get the bathroom door to lock...
oops, totally my fault

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